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Checkem is an all-in-one clinical decision-making support solution for emergency medicine. Checkem features interactive checklists, digital protocols, drug-calculators, algorithms, text-to-speech alarms, metronomes, and so much more.

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  • Integration with Hospital Systems

    Integrating Checkem with various hospital systems required seamless interoperability with existing electronic health record (EHR) systems. This challenge involved ensuring data security and maintaining compliance with healthcare regulations such as HIPAA.

  • Real-time Data Processing

    Implementing real-time data processing to support immediate decision-making was crucial. This required optimizing the app's performance to handle large volumes of data swiftly and accurately without compromising the speed or reliability of the app.

  • User Training and Adoption

    Training medical professionals to use Checkem effectively posed a significant challenge. It was essential to create comprehensive training materials and user-friendly interfaces to facilitate quick adoption and integration into daily emergency medicine routines.


The story

Checkem allows EMS organizations to create medical checklists with interactive elements such as drug-dose calculators, text-to-speech procedure reminder alarms, and clinical decision making algorithms. The Outstafford team took this idea from a literal "napkin-sketch" into a fully-fledged enterprise level software package which is being deployed in the real world to save lives.


William Flemming

CEO of Checkem

Project Highlights

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    HIPAA Compliance

    We have incorporated HIPAA compliance into the app to ensure the protection and security of all user data.

  • Positive User Feedback

    Average rating is 4.8/5

  • 150% Increase

    of Amount of New Customers

  • Successful Launch

    on both App Store and Google Play

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